avant moi le déluge [didn’t it rain?]
opening and finishing : Wednesday 15 April 6 - 9 p.m.
the dinner
Tuesday 7 April, 6 - 9 p.m.
the rain Wednesday 8 April, 6 - 9 p.m.
the panic Thursday 9 April, 6 - 9 p.m.
the swimming pool Saturday 11 April, 1 - 7 p.m.
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Standing, I had water up to my stomach. I could see my yellowish legs in the water, my two feet in the sand, the trunk, the arms and the head out of the water. [...] I started swimming again. The sky was huge, it was pure, and I wanted to laugh in the water.” Georges Bataille, La Genèse 7.11,17,19

The myth of the flood, which has universal currency, reflects the perpetual cycle of death and rebirth. This project by Guillaume Aubry orchestrates a surprising perturbation of the space in order to replay this cataclysm and reveal the unsuspected precariousness of physical, institutional and psychological structures. Whether unexpected or deliberately provoked, tragic or salutary, the unleashing of the elements is always extreme, and reactivates the collective trauma of the schism between pleasure and danger. The spectator arriving on the scene of the disaster then asks, “Before me, the flood?”

Referring to mythical history, the project of Guillaume Aubry takes the form of an open-ended, participatory structure. The narrative structure is rewritten by the actions of six actors directed by the artist and articulated around four moments/tableaux: Dinner, Rain, Panic and The Swimming Pool.

Is it an exhibition, an installation, a performance, a play, a ritual? Avant moi le déluge [didn’t it rain?] is a site-specific project that totally overturns the architecture of the place and reverses the temporal unfolding of the exhibitions: two weeks of hanging will end with an opening/finishing on Wednesday 15 April 2009. The space will be open throughout the project. The public will be invited to come and watch the progress of the installation and the setting up of the four tableaux.

“Guillaume Aubry makes the flood myth almost into an etiological myth of architecture. A landscape that is ravaged but alive and in becoming, and rather than the image of a Biblical scourge, a Babylonian dream, an apology for boldness and pleasure, and a carefree invitation to go back to the feast.” (Alessandra Sandrolini, associate curator)

Guillaume Aubry (1982) studied architecture in Lille, Paris et Tokyo, then worked in Beijing, in Mongolia and in Paris before turning towards contemporary art. He has recently exhibited at La Générale de Sèvres (3e PLANETE) in Paris, at the Miss China Gallery (Centrifuga), and at the Yerevan Artists Union in Armenia (Diagnosis/Interdiagnosis) as well as at LaSalle in Singapore (TheLaLa). He is currently a resident in the La Seine research programme run by ENSBA in Paris.

Guillaume Aubry’s project is part of the LABORATOIRES ANNE+ cycle which gives carte blanche to young talents. These projects, which are often limited in time, take the form of experimental workshops that shed light on aspects of the creative process, defying the traditional exhibition format. A series of events presenting young artists will be held in April 2009 at ANNE+.