curator Manuel Cirauqui
21 May - 13 July 2008
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A LISTENING ROOM is based on a principle of reflexivity: as much as a space to listen, it is a space that listens. Inspired by a desire of experiencing the links between sound and sculpture through various installations, the exhibition will present different devices using sound as a raw material or an object of critical meditation. This reflection, essentially focused on the relations between the work and its observer, takes on different paths and media and crosses through distant fields of research - but systematically brings us back to a questioning of the visitor's presence around and within the work. Within the framework of such an unresolved epistemological mystery, presence and the representations of presence tend to converge, and finally blur.

A LISTENING ROOM operates as an organic ensemble, oscillating between phantom-like phenomena and literal white noise, between synesthesia and forms of life based on musical collage. The articulation of the pieces, considered as suspended sound moments, evokes the succession of surprises and chances during a walk through the forest. The exhibition thus replays a certain idea of nature that is already present in numerous urban modern parks: the simultaneity of phenomena is orchestrated in order to construct an atmosphere that, nonetheless, does not completely erase each piece's individuality. In many occasions, the inherent abstraction of sound waves attains the spectator’s speech and body. The sequence of heterogeneous sounds, the appearance of noise as well as its persistence are somehow violent and abstract, violently abstract or abstractly violent. However, this abstraction appears to be inevitably problematic when it is confronted to its own contexts of production – how and why every sound exists culturally, technologically, economically.

The conditions of ANNE+ exhibition space permit to highlight the sculptural dimension of sound areas and sonic devices. Alternatively empty and saturated, A LISTENING ROOM could be a discotheque or an echo chamber, a landscape of sound events transforming at the very moment of their perception.

A LISTENING ROOM is also the first large group exhibition project at ANNE+. All works have been specially thought for their installation in ANNE+' space, and they have been specially co-produced for A LISTENING ROOM by the gallery. This exhibition highlights ANNE+' engagement with the young international art scene, in a production and research level, based on principles of transversal and collaborative work.


Independent curator and critic, Manuel Cirauqui (1978) lives and works in Paris. Most recent projects: 2008: La Forme Théorie, Laboratoire Artistique International of Tarn, Albi (the exhibition and the web project); La Cita, with Pierre Leguillon, Paris Subway; Predator_ , g-module, Paris. 2007: Through the Lies of Your Dark Dark Eyes, Envoy gallery, New York (co-curated with The Thorstein Foundation); Hip Hop Kung Fu Fighters, Bilbao School of Fine Arts, EHU-UPV (lecture-performance). Manuel Cirauqui has collaborated as a critic and author with French institutions such as Institut de Recherche et d'Innovation, Centre Georges Pompidou, and Palais de Tokyo, and works nowadays as an Exhibition Coordinator for Jeu de Paume, Paris. Contributor and correspondent in Paris for Lapiz, Revista Internacional de Arte (Spain), Double Magazine (France), (USA), among others.

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ph. Rémy Lidereau